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At AcuMedGroup Wellness Center, we are dedicated to providing holistic and integrative health solutions. Specializing in acupuncture and oriental medicine, our team of experts is committed to enhancing your well-being through personalized care and innovative treatments.

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with AcuMedGroup

compounded semaglutideTake control of your weight and transform your life with our expert weight loss solutions. Whether you need semaglutide, tirzepatide, or lipotropic injections, we offer customized treatments to help you shed those extra pounds safely and effectively. Our licensed medical directors are here to guide you every step of the way. Start your journey to a healthier you today—schedule your consultation with AcuMedGroup Wellness Center now!

Our Compounded Medications


Compounded Semaglutide

Semaglutide is a GLP-1 receptor agonist available in injection and sublingual forms, used to manage blood sugar levels and assist with weight management.

Reduces appetite cravings.

Improves metabolic health.

Manages blood sugar levels.

Supports weight management.


Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic injections contain a blend of nutrients that support fat metabolism, liver function, and overall wellness, aiding in weight loss and boosting energy levels.

Supports fat metabolism.

Improves liver function.

Boosts energy levels.

Aids in weight loss.


Glutathione Injections

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells from oxidative stress, detoxifies the body, and supports the immune system. Our Glutathione injections can enhance overall health and well-being.

Improves skin complexion.

Boosts immune system function.

Powerful antioxidant protects cells.

Detoxification enhances body health.

b 12 injections

B-12 Injections

Vitamin B-12 is crucial for energy production, nerve function, and the formation of red blood cells. B-12 injections can help address deficiencies, boost energy levels, and improve mood. They also support cognitive function and overall brain health.

Boosts energy levels.

Improves liver function.

Boosts energy levels.

Aids in weight loss.


Compounded Tirzepatide

Tirzepatide is a dual GLP-1 and GIP receptor agonist that helps regulate blood sugar levels and supports weight management. Due to the FDA drug shortage of brand name tirzepatide, our compounded sublingual tirzepatide ensures you have access to this important medication.

Promotes weight loss.

Reduces appetite and cravings.

Decreases cardiovascular risk.

Supports long-term diabetes management.


Compounded Liraglutide

Liraglutide is a GLP-1 receptor agonist used for managing type 2 diabetes and aiding in weight loss. Our compounded sublingual liraglutide offers a convenient and effective alternative during the FDA drug shortage. It helps improve blood sugar control and supports long-term weight management.

Lowers blood sugar levels.

Aids in weight loss.

Reduces appetite and food intake.

Improves overall metabolic health.

Why Choose Compounded Medications?

Compounded medications offer unparalleled accessibility, especially during FDA drug shortages. They ensure you continue to receive essential treatments without interruption.

Customization is another key benefit. These medications can be tailored to your specific needs, offering different forms and dosages to meet your unique health requirements.

Quality assurance is paramount. Our compounded medications are prepared by a reputable licensed compound pharmacy, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Choosing compounded medications means choosing a personalized approach to your health and wellness.

Our Expert Medical Directors

Commitment to Quality Care

At AcuMedGroup Wellness Center, our licensed medical directors bring a wealth of expertise and dedication to your health and wellness. They are committed to providing high-quality compounded medications that are tailored to meet your specific health goals.

Our team works closely with a reputable licensed compound pharmacy to ensure that every medication meets stringent quality standards. Trust in our commitment to deliver safe, effective, and personalized treatments that support your overall well-being.

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